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SMS Shop
$1. General provisions
  1. Webstore owner is a Bit-Geo S.C.
  2. Webstore owner reserves the right to change following terms and conditions.
  3. In the case of appearance of website and/or bought services functioning problems, you can contact webstore owner by e-mail: [email protected] or page Contact.
§2. Payments
  1. Transfer payments are operated by https://tpay.com/
  2. SMS payments are operated by SimPay https://simpay.pl/
  3. In the case of SMS payment problems, complaints can be reported on company's webstie SimPay - Complaint.
§3. Terms of use
  1. Webstore owner does not bear responsibility for errors in the customer's use of store.
  2. In the case of being banned on a server, the customer is not entitled to a cost refund.